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General Introduction

F1CC (F1 Computer Concern) is an innovative, pioneer IT firm established with trio-college students in 1997 AD at Urlabari, Morang. Initially the IT development in Nepal was in so limited sectors and areas so, F1CC also serving with computer related service of educating. Later on as the demand of time in local market it has been expanding its service ranges- Designing & Printing, Cyber and Communication, Software Development, Computer Sales & ....


Great Products & Services...

I was excited when Mr. Rai informed me to see the web site of F1cc. It's glorious event to see such events. Running in the same field from long time as a competitor I always think that F1cc is well among our city and it has name and fame as well. The institute has survived many boom and doom as well, but it has been running smoothly and giving excellent knowledge of DTP in IT field. It sound good to see that the institute also provides other services and selling computer. At last wishing the institute and Mr. Rai to get good achievement in coming fututer.

News, Events & Notices

  • विदा पछि कक्षा संचालनको सूचना
    विदा पछि कक्षा संचालनको सूचना
    २०७० सालको महानचाड दशैंको विदा पछि पुनः हाम्रो कम्प्युटर तथा भाषाको सम्पूर्ण पठनपाठन सुचार भएको सूचना सम्पूर्ण विद्यार्थी, प्रशिक्षार्थीहरुमा जानकारी गराइन्छ ।
  • .: Festival Discount Offer :.
    Direct 50% heavy discount for all computer courses.
  • .: F1 WiFi Service halted :.
    Dear valued net users,
    We are very sorry for WiFi service disturbance. We will be backed soon with full strenght of quality and more coverage.